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Onsite Service


If you need fast, immediate onsite service, you have come to the right place.
You can call us on 0402 950 791 or E-mail to request an onsite service and we will be at your door as soon as possible.

Within minutes of your online or telephone request, a dedicated service manager will be on the phone with you, reviewing your service request, and dispatching a professional, friendly and qualified service technician to get you up and running quickly.

Consulting & Projects

We are specialised in the design and implementation of SMB Networks with over 18 years experience executing successful projects.

Our services include:

- Office Network Audits;
- Infrastructure Design; and,
- Installation & Project Management.

Internet & Networking

A computer network is simply a method of allowing computers to communicate with one another. If you have two or more computers - desktop or laptop notebook in your home, a network can let them share

- File and Printer Sharing between all computers
- Laptop mobility with a wireless connection
- All computers connected to the internet

Today, cable and DSL service and other high speed options are making their way through everywhere in the country. If you are like most people, you may have more than one computer, maybe an additional notebook for travelling or going to and from the office, a mobile phone, a Tablet and maybe even a music or video system. Making all these devices work together and share information is what is called a network.

Whether you have an old Windows XP system or new Windows machine, we can help you to get the most out of your Home or Office network.

Email & Data Backup

Mystar can provide a number of Email and Data Backup solutions designed to empower your business. You can have Office Email and Data Saved in Office Backup Devices or Off-Site Storage to give you peace of mind.


Email, Infrastructure , Files & Folders, Backup & disaster Recovery

Repairing or Buying

Should I Get a New One or Repair The Old COMPUTER?

Depending on your budget and Computer situation, Mystar provide the best advice to you. Normally, we are not shy to suggest that you buy a new computer instead of fixing the old one you have when that is your best move. That seems odd coming from a company that makes its living fixing old machines. After all, if we suggest you replace you machine, we lose a potential service call. But it is our way of building trust with you so that you know when you call us that you are getting good advice.

So, should you replace that old machine? Please call us on 0402 950 791 or E-mail to request an onsite service.

What about my data, my personal information?

If you do decide to buy a new machine, you don't need to worry about your personal information. In almost all cases, transferring your email, word processing documents, financial data, music and video files is a breeze. We can often move your entire hard drive of information over to a new machine in less than an hour service call* and have you up running on a faster, easier to use machine in no time.

Can you help me decide?

Yes, If you want a free, no hassle evaluation of your machine, just request a service call. Your initial consultation with a MYSTAR service manager is provided as no cost. In almost all cases we can help you determine over the phone what a benchmark value of your machine is and what the likely causes of its issues are. It costs nothing and you will gain the knowledge and information you need to make a good decision.
*Term and Condition Apply


Mystar can provide leading procurement services for all your Hardware and Software requirements. We deliver expertise and consultancy in hardware provision, software and licensing agreements, technical support services, asset management and disposal.